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Still unpacking but…

October 22, 2007
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Painting a little now that I’ve got a desk. I can’t really move the chair backwards at all without bumping into boxes, but it’s kind of nice to know that I’ve got a whole space that’s pretty much just for artwork.

Anyway, a little WIP to tide me over till I can concentrate on other things. Bad boys always make me feel good. 🙂


Done quite a bit to his face, hair, and upper shoulder area. The backgrounds’s a fairly generic gradiant with a texture overlay. I get lazy with backgrounds, but I want him to be a desktop image so I filled it out farther to the left. I’ll probably crop him for prints, though. No reference used, so far, except some indirect ones to get ideas for the tattoo, and his hair’s similar to a style I saw someone wearing the other day. I’m only a few hours into it, so far.

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