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How doth the little bumblebee…?

November 21, 2007

😀 I like that word “bumblebee.” It tumbles around in your mouth, like a puppy on a trampoline.

Anyway, off that tangent. Finished up my entry for the Event: Opposites. You can see the full version over on DeviantArt, up close and personal, and you can buy prints of it, too. If you so desire.

King of Shadows, Queen of Light

In the meantime, I’m working on a new painting, that includes a new tutorial on drawing from reference photos. I started the whole thing over about three times, now, so it probably won’t be finished until next week. Yesterday was “splitting headache” day, so I didn’t get a new tutorial up when I wanted to. Forgive me? So to make up for it, here’s a little taste of what I’m working on right now… just a taste, mind you.

Taste of Sin

Fantasy Art NowAlso, I just bought a copy of Fantasy Art Now, which isn’t Spectrum, of course, but is beautiful none-the-less. There were tons of illustrations from some of my favorites, but the best part of it is that most of the work in the book is portfolio work, which means it’s not a book cover or something that we’ve seen a million times. It’s all that other stuff, where artists really get to shine and show what they love to paint. There’s also little asides, sometimes from the artists themselves, talking about how they came up with the idea for the painting, or about what they enjoyed or struggled with. It’s biased heavily toward digital art, with a few traditional artists as well, but you’ll recognize many of the names: Linda Tso, Melanie Deleon, Matt Bradbury, Simon Dominic Brewer, Camille Kua, Matt Stawicki, J.P. Targete, Michael Zancan, Jon Hodgson, Tony Diterlizzi, and Uwe Jarling (just to name a few). Highly recommended.

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