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Sometimes you get caught in the rain

December 3, 2007

The painting I’ve been working on for the last two weeks has hit a snag. Technically, I think, when finished, it will be my best work to date. However, I need to rethink a rather large chunk of the background and I’ll probably lose about two days of work on it.

Red KingIn the meantime, I’m distracting myself with contests. While I did not win the PB Event, I DID recently win a contest by Anathematixs over at DeviantArt. The challenge was to recreate one of her paintings, but kind of put our own spin on it. So I repainted her Red Queen as a King.
I’ve also got an entry in for the current Deviant Art Sweeney Todd Poster Contest. But you’ll have to jump over to my DA page to view it.

In other news, I got my new tablet (6×11″ Wacom Intuos), but I’m waiting for the rest of the rig to arrive before setting it up. So far I’ve gotten the first of two 24″ HP Vivid Color Widescreen LCD monitors (with Brightview panel, which makes seeing color SO much better than my laptop LCD screen). They rotate vertical, which is a neat little trick when doing portrait layout paintings. The RAM for my new machine came in, but I’m still waiting on my MacPro tower. Sometime this week, I hope.

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