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Pardon the dust, here’s your hardhat.

January 2, 2008

Just a heads up, since I’ve noticed I’m getting a lot of hits on google via certain searches.

Recently I purchased a new domain name: Eventually I’ll be using that for all of my fantasy artwork, commissions, bookcovers… anything in that vein. In the meantime, it reroutes here, to my blog., which I’ve owned now for several years, and which was my primary website, was previously hosted on a friend’s web server. I’m in the process of transferring that domain to a new host so the site is currently down and rerouting… nowhere. So if you’ve been searching for me that way, that’s why it’s coming up blank. Once transfered, it’ll be used for my graphic design work.

All of my artwork, up until around December, had my address on it. I haven’t had a chance yet to fix that and update it to the new one, but eventually I’m going to try to fix as many of those old images as possible and update them to the WickedFae address.

This blog, for the nonce, will remain as “WickedEyeDesigns.” Eventually it’ll probably be hosted on one of the other two domains, rather than wordpress.

Thank you for your patience while we rearrange the furniture.

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  1. October 12, 2009 1:54 pm

    your header images look somewhat tragic already… or wicked i guess…


  1. My Domains » Blog Archive » Pardon the dust, here’s your hardhat.

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