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January 13, 2008

Why so quiet Ms. Wicked? I hear you all thinking this.

Well, honestly, I’ve been busy painting Mr. Time (post below or Flickr link on the right). But he’s finished now, just in time for me to pack and fly off to San Francisco for the week-long Macworld Conference and Expo.

My husband, as you may or may not know, is tech geek and iGrouch extraordinare John Welch of  John is best known for his acerbic rants on… well… everything, and for his ability to ramble on about the most tech-headed subjects on the planet in such a way that it almost seems exciting. 😀 Yes, I adore him. Anyway, he’s teaching two sessions this Macworld (he’s taught or spoke almost every year there since ’99, I think). A two day Power Tools workshop on Network Awareness (yes, it’s likely to be as interesting as it sounds), and a shorter one he’s sitting in on involving Disaster Recovery.

Where does a lowly little artist fit into this Geek-gasm?

For the uninitiated, Macworld actually has a lot to offer for creative professionals (their term for those of us who like to doodle on our computers for money). There are several sessions on Photoshop, digital photography, Adobe Creative suite and more. While these are all interesting, what I like best is the show floor, getting to wander around and see all the new innovations and products that are out (or coming out) for digital artists and graphic designers. I promise, I won’t overload you all with a flow of geekery, but I will probably see if I can take photos or play around with some different products, and give you all a users-eye tour of what’s going on at one of the biggest technology parties on the planet.

If it’s not interesting, I promise I’ll make it be. I can photoshop half naked models wearing iGear in next to Steve Jobs, if I have to.

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  1. Egbert permalink
    January 13, 2008 2:33 pm

    Even if it is interesting, I’d like to put in my vote for the half naked models. 😉

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