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Photobucket Update

January 21, 2008

Well, I’m back from Macworld, and I need a little bit to decompress and find my notes from the show floor. I saw some neat things and got to play with some fun stuff, but I’ll get to that in my next post.

Right now I just want to give you all an update. If you’ve been following the Photobucket petition, thanks in (huge) part to the amazing support of the Deviant Art community, we’re now well over 3,500 signatures. Jonathan updated his blog following the first wave of signatures, but the ball has become a small avalanche. I just hope it manages to be effective.

A quick note for anyone who isn’t sure what this is about:

The petition is aimed fairly specifically at Photobucket’s print services and take down policies. We would like for the print services to be more restrictive, thus preventing Photobucket from underselling members who are unaware of the default print settings on their public accounts or infringing further the rights of those artist’s whose work has been posted illegally. We would also like to see some Photobucket utilize existing software that helps prevent repeat infringement of reported copyrighted materials–thus making policing our work a hell of a lot easier not just on us, but on Photobucket.

If you have searched Photobucket and found your work there, signing the petition is not going to get it removed. You still need to file a DMCA with Photobucket’s copyright agent. The information on how to do this is listed on their copyright page and while it may seem complicated or tedious, I do encourage artists who have found their work being used without permission to fill it out anyway. The response time has been fairly good, so far, even though I’m sure they’ve probably been inundated with DMCA’s in the last few weeks.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting this effort. If we can work together to change one companies policies, it might not be long before we can work together to help educate the internet and provide better copyright protection for everyone online.

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