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August 22, 2008

I was reading Irene Gallo’s blog the other day and doing some hard thinking about my website and my various galleries and portfolios. I have quite a few: deviantArt, Epilogue, ImagineFX, CGTalk, even an old Elfwood one that is now gathering dust and trolls.

What I really NEED, however, is a portfolio gallery for Art Directors or clients to browse and link to and buy prints from. It should be my best work. It should be easy to navigate. It should NOT be flash. It should be easy to update and change if need be… and it needs to be here, because this is where all my home urls point back to. SO, I’ve made a few changes that might seem minor, but hopefully will help solve the problem. On the left, instead of the Flickr links (cause I almost never update that), I’ve added a featured image that will always link to my portfolio gallery.

The images in the gallery can be viewed all at once, or opened up and viewed larger. They will also link to available prints, for those who would like to purchase them. The larger view also gives some additional information about the image. This gallery is going to be somewhat smaller than some of my other ones, because I want to keep it full of only my best work. It’ll also contain images that aren’t available in other places (commissions, sometimes, and book covers). I’ll update the featured image whenever I’ve finished and added something new.

I’m still in the process of adding some older work, so expect to see a few changes in it over the next few days.

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