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Upcoming and Updates

November 3, 2008

I’ve nearly reached my goal of selling fifteen calendars, and it’s still well before Thanksgiving. Hopefully I can sell a few more by the 20th. If you’re still thinking about buying one, you can pick one up here. I also have prints, coffee mugs, magnets, postcards, mouspads, and other related products for sale in my dA shop, and some available in my EllenMillion Graphics store as well (Link is in the side bar on the right. Someone asked the other day if I actually see any profits from these or if the money just goes to the printer. I do, actually, get a decent percentage of each sale, and I can set my own prices if I think the piece warrants it. So yes, purchasing my artwork from either of those two sites does support the artist.


Commission Updates:

I won’t be accepting any NEW commissions from now through probably the 12th of January. I’m full up. I’ve got a couple of big projects going on, a mask commission, and a ton of small personal projects (like Christmas cards!) that I need to try to crank out. I started October thinking that it was going to be a pretty slow month and while I’m partially caught up, I need some breathing space. Also, Christmas is always a busy travel time for me, then Macworld Conference and Expo in January… so any new commissions will have to wait till then.

Anything I’ve already got in my queue however is still there and will get finished in order of who needs what when. (Say that five times fast.)


Upcoming stuff

  • My “A Sharpened Heart” painting is supposed to be in the upcoming release of Exotique 4 (now available for preorder here, it’s supposed to ship mid November. Christmas gift anyone?
  • I’ve just finished up helping to tech edit Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual due out in late December from O’Reilly Press. It’s written by my good friend Lesa King, but I have some artwork in it, and I helped out a bit on the digital painting chapter
  • I’ve been invited to participate in dAFilm thanks to some of my time lapse vids. I’m curious if you’d all like to see a new time lapse vid, OR if you’d like video tutorials. Tutorials would most likely concentrate on working in Corel Painter, but a lot of the same theory applies in Photoshop. I’ve got a poll up and I’d love some feedback from you all.
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  1. November 3, 2008 9:57 pm

    You create fantastic Fantasy images! Bravo!
    I use Paint Shop Pro to create my images. I’d love it if you took a look at my blog.
    Congrats on all the sales!

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