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Exotique 5

December 11, 2009

Just a quick update (I promise, I’ll add a longer one when I’ve got time). Exotique 5 is out now and I’ve got two pieces that made it in this time around. Puck’s Introduction and April (you’ll find them both on page 74). This year’s Exotique is GORGEOUS. A real turn around from the previous one, which as you might recall I complained about being way too full of T&A and not enough hot guys. This year there’s a pretty equal balance of subject matter. Yes, there’s still plenty of scantily clad chicks for the boys, but there’s a hefty representation of men, monsters, and more as well.

Looking through books like Exotique always revs my creative juices… which are sorely in need of revving at the moment. I’ve had a bad couple of months and December is looking to be tight, financially. But I’m still kicking, even if it’s not quite at full strength.

A quick note:

I won’t be doing UStream sessions until after the holidays are over. I’ve got to get some other things straightened around and I haven’t had much time or inspiration for personal work lately. Hopefully I can get that straightened out by January, so look for my sessions to resume then. My apologies there.

Oh, and swing by my deviantART shop (it’s over there in the link box on the right). dA is running sales on prints and stuff this month, so if you’ve been wanting to pick up anything by me, now’s a good time to do it.

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